Friday, December 5, 2008

The Green Lantern

I'm going to try and not over gush on this film as I have spent way to much of my daily life fantasizing about it as it is.. I know pre-production has begun and already I've been hearing things through the grapevine that make me cringe with horror. An example would be I have heard they are going the tight spandex look which is just bad memories of eighties attempts at comic book film making. Personally, I would have gone with a lightweight spacesuit approach. I had envisioned it as a sort of moisture suit from Dune all black with green details.

Also we must act as a single voice hear and scream at the top of our lungs, NO MASKS!!!! Replace the masks with intense green glowing eyes. How are we going to take all of those aliens seriously running around in 40's style adventure masks. Defenders of the galaxy do not need secret identities.

Also, I would cut back on the power of the rings in the first film, assuming it is decent enough to spawn sequels. They should have a set amount of effects, shields, lasers, life support, flight and maybe a few others. As a plot device, I would have Hal Jordan discover the actual, true power of the ring and as the greatest Lantern of all time, teaches the other Lanterns how to weild the massive energy. This would create some cool friction between Hal and Kilowog (trainer of the Lanterns) at first until Kilowog comes around and discovers he is extremely powerful with this new ability.

I have not been particular on the lead role in this film as of yet, nothing really great has come to me.But I think that as far as story line is concerned, Sinestro should be a Lantern at the beginning of the film a should have betrayed them by the end. My pick for Sinestro= Sean Gullette. He is the main character, Maximillian, in Daren Aronofsky's feature "Pi." Check out his photos on and see what you think.

The way I see it, The Green Lantern has the potential to be Star Wars for a new generation. and I truly hope it is taken that seriously. We need more quality fantasy and science fiction in the world. No to mention DC needs another hit besides Batman pulling their asses out of the fire eveycouple of years.

I will definately be posting more on this subject so keep an eye out.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

HBO get off your ass and pick up The Walking Dead

As far as I'm concerned The Walking Dead is straight up 100% crack cocaine. My good friend Ryan, the writer of our comic book, Addicts (, plug, plug) turned me on to it a ways back and my life has been screwed up ever since. I have been late to work because of reading this book. This series is the Magnum Opus of writer Robert Kirkman and has an underlying psychological significance I have only recently began to deal with. The message: we love stories of misery. I have never read so many terrors overcoming a group of characters in my life of reading. I have to continue with it just to see how much worse things can get in one damn month.

It seems to me a perfect fit for HBO to start an ongoing series with The Walking Dead. Now that the Soprano's is dead and gone there is a tremendous void to fill in their weekend programing. We know by that show's success that audiences are wont for something darker and grittier. But with a bit of intelligence to it. Really, is there anything better than watching zombies devour the living after your own family dinner? I think not.

I love the idea of listening to the conversations at the water cooler the following Monday. "Hey, Ralph, did you see The Walking Dead this weekend?"

"Sure did. Sucked that guy's eye right out of his head, didn't they?"

"Did you see the part where they had to hack the guy's leg off?"

"Dude, that was so sick!"

Sick being good.
Move quickly, HBO, before Showtime comes along and scoops you on this one.

Self promoting bastrd that I am...

While I'm doing this I figured it would be a good time for some shameless self-promotion. These are images from Addicts ( and a story that was published recently in the UK

Iron Man: The Mandarin Solution

John Favreau is having some understandable problems working a character like the Mandarin into his reality based Iron Man universe. The Mandarin is a character surrounded by mysticism and alien technology that just too far fetched to lay into the network of what he has built in is film so far. I agree that this sort of garbage has no place in the continuity. However, the Mandarin is a fan favorite and Favreau himself has admitted to the desire to find a way to make him fit.

The Solution: The Mandarin is a liar.

Were it me The Mandarin would be a rival weapons manufacturer based in a fictional asian country. He has deep ties to terrorism that have made him very weathy. And he has recently invented a satelite weapons system that is so powerful he decides to launch it and keep it for himself.

The only actual purpose of his "magical" rings is to put on a light show to convice others that the effects of the satelite system are coming from him. With all the power and influence this offers he decides to become the ultimate terrorist and begins to make demands and shape the world as he sees fit.


Mandarin= Sonny Cheeba

PLEASE, OH, PLEASE! This would be the Amrican debut of a film LEGEND! Not o mention the potential of some small martial arts scenes. Last I heard Cheeba was running a martial arts school for actors in Japan. This means he alrady hasan army of actors to be his henchmen. How's that for practial?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Future of Batman

I'm not entirely sure if this is too soon or not. Let me start by saying Ledger did an amazing job as the Joker. I don't mean to offend anyone by this. But there is an actor out there that would be evil personified in this role. That, my friends, is Kevin Howarth.

I first came across him in a gem called The Last Horror Movie, which if you have not seen, shame on you. He has the chops and the talent to pull this off in a way we have never seen before. Now many would hate the very idea of someone else stepping into this role and utterly destroying the continuity without Ledger. I disagree. I think in the third film, only tease the Joker in a scene or two. A scene reminiscent of The Killing Joke opening would be nice, a la Silence of the Lambs. The Joker hidden in the shadows of his cell in Arkham, conversing with the Batman, only to escape at the end of the film and return as the main heavy in the forth film.

I really would like to see this given a chance or even discussed. If Christian Bale would sit back and watch The Last Horror Movie I'm sure he would agree.

Thor: The Movie

I really only have one thing to say about this. Thor= Sean Bean. Just think about him in TLOTR as you will see the brilliance in this. That's the beauty of a character having supernatural strength, He doesn't actually have to be big.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Avengers

I suppose this one is the most debatable, so I'll start here.

The characters I am most insistent upon seeing are as follows:

  • Captain America
  • Hawkeye
  • Vision
  • Wonder Man
  • Iron Man
  • Thor
  • Henry Pym (as any hero)
  • Wasp
My selection of minor characters is sparse but worth mentioning:

  • Scarlett Witch
  • Tigra
  • Marvel Girl
  • other
As far as the main villains are concerned I have been on and around the fence. I have considered HYDRA, Skrulls, a combination of the two and even heard they were considering using the Hulk as the villain. I'm fine with anything, I think as long as HYDRA is involved. Ultron would be a great possibility to get Hank's storyline going quickly.

Here is where everyone is going to groan but these are my choices for actors playing certain roles. No one likes to complain like a fanboy so with full warning here is what I would like:

  • Captain America= Josh Brolin
  • Vision= Hank Azaria
  • Hawkeye= Matthew Lillard
I know, I know, sssshhhhhhhh... be calm. How could I possibly cast these two comedic hams in these oh-so important roles. I'll tell you. But first, Brolin.

Cap really needs to be confident, have swagger, and a strong sense of honesty, one that comes through the eyes. Josh Brolin has these things and for that reason I think Johnah Hex is a total waste of his ability. I really don't know of an actor who can pull it off better than he.

Azaria I cast for two reasons, with a shaved head and some pasty makeup he could really look the part. Throw some all black contact lenses on his eyeballs and he could be downright creepy in the role. I picture the Vision as almost a cenebite, like a artificial human experiment gone nearly wrong. Also, he could invent the voice of an android with no sfx.

OK...if you think Lillard can't act go see SLC Punk and call me in the morning. This kid just can't get a role to suit him. So I say, give him Hawkeye. Make the role funny and offensive. Clint could almost be a redneck, but a complete baddass. But one thing the writers absolutely must do is change his M.O. He can't just have a bow and dumbass trick arrows. We know we are getting a Green Arrow movie so why compete with that. I say change Hawkeye to an expert marksman with ANYTHING. Give him throwing stars, darts, a gun even. I say don't break out the bow untill the last fight scene in the movie, right at a highly climactic moment. Audiences will cheer and no one will leave angry.

There are also certain plot elements I have to be insistant upon.

How can all of this action in New York happen without some cameos? First and foremost, Spider-man. Even just crawling on the side of a building. Or even pitching in for a second. The beauty of this is that in full costume, Maguire doesn't have to show up.

Also the Hulk or Bruce Banner should have SOME involvement. To what degree I'm not certain but the set up in the Incredible Hulk pretty much demands it.

Also in need of a change up is Wonder Man. WAAAAAYYYYYY to Superman. The glowing eyes will help but certain things have to go including the flying. That's right Wonder Man no fly. Also it would be helpfull if he had to power up before he can use his strength and such. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

That's all for this one. I'll add more as it comes to me.
Also, look for pics, coming soon


Got two new thoughts for this posting. First Thor, with no doubt in my mind should be Sean Bean. And I'm leaning towards Drew Barrymore as Wasp.