Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here is what happened

Well...been a few months since I've bothered to write. Write ANYTHING. But I have to preface with the fact that busy doesn't even begin to describe what my days have been like lately. I'll try to elucidate and if you follow, great. If you just think I'm a lazy ass... well, you wouldn't be entirely unfair in that assessment.

So for the past several months I have been working on not one, not two, but three comic book titles. I knocked one out of the way and another grew in its place so until the end of September that is just the way life is. And let me tell you, I love it. I am making the deadlines, albeit barely. This is what an illustrator wants.

The details:

Code Red from Pickle Press, issue one is done and on the shelves. One could order a copy by emailing and paying 5.00 plus shipping if one were so inclined. So incline yourself.

Next up, I just finished a short story for the one and only Robert Heske (The Night Projectionist writer.) Fans of horror are definitely going to dig this. It is another book of short stories based on the idea of 2012 myths as reality. When the printin' is done you will be told where to get your copy but good bets are on keeping up with to find out. Hell, the last book I did with him won the bronze IPPY award so who knows what roof this will blow off.

The new title is a story for a book called Grave Conditions from Scott Nicholson at You can trust be on the baddassedness of Scott's writing and this will be a book to look for and demand from your local retailer. I'm doing things a little differently for this one just to shake up my own artwork a bit. No more details until Scott sees the work.

Lastly, the BIG KAHUNA. I am working on a new graphic novel for Insomnia Publications. Those who know me already know I was published in their anthology book Layer Zero, Choices. After another title's writer flaked out on me they were kind enough to throw me another bone. This book is called Quarantine and is written by the hyper talented Michael Moreci. Describing this one is hard without being derivative. I could say things like 28 Days later meets Escape from New York, but really not like New York, more like The Stand. But not entirely. You see were this is going... it would take another paragraph. But Mike and I were already discussing the push for San Diego next year so you can see that this is going to be huge. I'll be done with the drawing on this by the end of 2009. We will have to see what happens with the colors as I'm trying to find someone with no life to color it for me. If not, I'll be doing the deed myself which will add about another two months. After which, I think I'll have a drink.

Heske and I are already plotting for 2010 so be on the lookout for more from us as well...

As far as my waking life is concerned, much has happened as well. I have, after almost 20 years become a non-smoker. Believe me, I am a complete dick right now so better that I stay at home and get my drawing done. I don't know who out there has attempted this before but I'm pretty sure I could shake heroin after this. It is truly awful so, kids, don't ever start.

I also have moved back to my home state of North Carolina. In the process I have reconnected with so many of my old friends and family and am kind of gushing over it. You never know exactly how much you missed someone until you get the chance to see them or hear from them. It sounds stupid I know, but it is on my mind and this IS a blog, isn't it?

That's about it for tonight. This entry doesn't really follow the format of this site. Hell, I'm supposed to be writing about new comics and movies. But, screw it, I like this site and so what if it has become a little personal. Next entry: Marvel and Disney and DC getting their own studio at WB. I promise I have a few things to say about these.

Sorry for any typos. I kinda puked this one out.