Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Self Promotion

I had some requests to post a few pages that I have yet to place on my blog. These are all from stories I have illustrated in the last year or so. Hope you enjoy what yous ee here and let me know if there are further requests.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Flash

As a kid The Flash was another favorite of mine. I can't really say why, There are cooler characters out there, but in elementary school, if I had a red shirt on I was the Flash during recess. So should The Flash be essentially a kids movie that retains the charm I saw in it as a child or should it make the same leap as a lot of other comics and present itself to an adult audience? Most often studios seek to compromise and make a movie somewhere between adult and child. Too often this leads to mediocrity . It is a priority for the producers and director to be on the same page about this and decide what kind of movie they want to make.

I prefer the Bartholomew "Barry" Allen days, but I am admittedly nostalgic. This would require an origin rewrite because I don't see anyone buying the lightning bolt striking a bunch of chemicals on a shelf crap. But I have already had an idea that would be a better substitute. For those of you who may not know, Barry Allen stores his costume in a ring he wears. Once he opens the ring and the costume fibers are exposed to air the costume expands to normal, wearable size. So Barry is a chemist by trade, in my version of the origin he is working on a protective suit for soldiers encountering different environments. The suit is actually a series of nanobots stored in a ring to expand over the soldiers body once the ring is activated. But for the purpose of this story the nanobots spread over the body too slowly, he is looking for an instantaneous effect. To overcome his quandary, Barry invents a synthetic gas that accelerates the accident occurs...aaaaand you see where this is going.

Now my redesigns for the Flash uniform have reasons behind the redo. First I think it should look more like a runners outfit and this is one of the few times I forgo my aversion to spandex. aerodynamics would be important so to this one I'll turn a blind eye. I based my design on an old Cadillac style and you can see I've skipped the gold and replaced it with chrome. Much more sleek and modern in my opinion.

The director of this film needs to keep in mind that the old fail-safe of just running the actor in fast forward is not going to work anymore. We are going to need some truly sci-fi worthy special effects to show The Flash's amazing powers. It would be wise to assign a concept art team that only works on those effects.

I'll add more to this post concerning the main villians but I want to have some casting in mind before I write those parts.