Thursday, January 22, 2009

I recently discovered this company on and was intrigued as to what they were about. I'm quoting directly from the interview questions I wrote so you will be wont of any of my own geek savvy writing on this posting. If you are an artist out there looking to have someone besides your mom in your corner I would recommend dropping this site a mail. You can get there by clicking the image above.

About BelkisNYC
Belkis NYC is a online marketing tool created specifically for independent artists. The website officially opened in January of 2009 to provide marketing tips, ideas, and strategies for its readers. Belkis NYC seeks to open opportunities for all artists to have their works recognized by the public.

About Belkis:
Belkis is best known for being the co-host of The Comic Book Novice radio show on the Long Island station, WGBB, and being the cover model for the Novastar Studios 2009 Fantasy Illustration Calendar. After leaving the radio show, she concentrated on producing strategies for online marketing.

1 What is your attraction to comics and the comic book industry?

My attraction to comics and the comic book industry are the artists. They have passion and love for the craft. I have never met another group of people who do this because they genuinely enjoy creating something.

2 What does your website/company do best?

BelkisNYC successfully gives basic marketing tips to creative minds who need direction for promoting their projects, company, or business.

3 What is your personal definition of success?

My personal definition of success is making a difference. If I can get just one person to buy a book or attend an event, it can help spread the word about an unknown talent.

4 Who is getting it right? Or give an example within the industry
of what you admire.

I definitely know that Marvel is doing something right. Although not an independent company, they certainly know how to impact you with great stories, characters, artists, events, promotions, advertisements and marketing. They use everything the world has to offer in order to get a huge audience. I know people may argue that they have money to spend but they are using internet tactics that individuals with little financial help can use as well.

5 what significant change would you like to see within the next
five years?

I would like the public to demand more independent work.

More good reviews

Just to give you guys a heads up the comic Cold Blooded Chillers which I illustrated the story "Her First Day Alone" was reviewed again. Some very nice word written on us there.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Penguin, Killer Croc and Riddler in one film

Riddler= Hugh Laurie
Killer Croc= Tyler Mane
Penguin= Paul Giamatti

How these characters fit together is a bit of a rip off on my part. But it keeps with the over all tone of the new incarnation of Batman films. Intertwining these three characters into one story and one film is actually a task I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. But for the love of God if something isn't done we are just going to get Catwoman again. So this is a vain attempt to block that avenue before the parade leaves.

I would like to see the Penguin treated as a mob boss. Plain, simple, no super-villain status. What's more the umbrella and quacking laugh have to be discarded. Replace the umbrella with a cane that has a retractable blade on one end and a single shot shotgun shell on the other. Black suits only, no tux. Most importantly, the name Penguin is only used as an insult in hushed tones. If Oswald even hears the word penguin there is a body on the floor with a puncture wound draining blood.

We work in Killer Croc as a bodyguard for Oswald and hired hand. I believe Tyler Mane to be a no brainer for this role. Like the character he is a professional wrestler and could work that in to Croc's fighting style. Not to mention he's bigger than a Swedish thyroid gland. To take away the mutation in the comics that leaves him looking A LOT like a crocodile, the movie back story simple says his looks are a result of Proteus Syndrome (see Elephant Man.)

Most Batman hardcore's consider the Riddler to be Joker-lite and many despise him for that reason. So the film should use that, and run with the sentiment, making the Riddler a Joker copycat. Equal delusions but far less talent.

The Riddler's attempts to disrupt and embarrass Penguin's mafia operations is merely annoying at first. But after he manages to actually kill a few of the mafia enforcers the Penguin is after him in the worst way, killing dozens of minor B-list badguys to get after him. This forces the Batman's hand as to protect the Riddler from getting himself killed.

Nolan likes to set themes or motifs for these movies, "It gets worse before it gets better," being the idea behind The Dark Knight. My suggestion for the third installment? "To be good, sometimes you must protect the bad." As the United States releases victims of our recent torture policies who may or may not be guilty, I think we can all agree it has relevance.