Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gimme Skelter: The Manson Revival

Gimme Skelter arrived last week from writer/director Scott Phillips and I have had the opportunity to watch it twice. This is pretty common for me to do when reviewing but I can honestly tell you that I would have watched it twice review or not.

Like a call back to 1970's slasher flicks, Gimme Skelter is set in a dusty New Mexico fly spec of a town. Everyone knows everyone. Convenience stores run on the honor system. There is a little strip club up the highway, far enough away so your wife won't find you. One restaurant on the main street and if you were to cheat on your girlfriend she is more likely to catch you red handed than finding out from a friend.

Our story begins with such a scenario when the main character is introduced to a group of new arrivals in town. Like a horrific version of the Scooby-do gang these kids have traveled to town with one purpose: kill as many local yokels as possible before sunrise. The group is held together by their Messianic leader who is, or believes himself to be, the son of Charles Manson. Their will and there actions are brutal, when you see the fate of Deputy Lester you will understand. I cringe ever time I see that blade twist. And pay particular close attention when you see the random posters for a missing girl. Just...trust me. I'm not saying another word about that.

This film is more of a fun slasher romp (I can't believe I wrote that...that's terrible) than Scott's previous movie "The Stink of Flesh." The comedy seems to fly a little easier with "Gimme Skelter," which makes sense considering Scott is writing without the weight of a zombie Apocalypse on his back. The production seems a litter slicker too. The shots are framed a bit more consistently and like all good editing, you can't tell the editor is there.

I always like it when a director makes a new film using a regular group of actors and crew. It has a great welcome back, we have a new story for you feeling. So if you have seen Stink of Flesh you will recognize a lot of the talent and actually be impressed by some of the new comers. Plus you have the added luxury of watch none other than Gunner Hansen (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) do some quality acting and some quality ass kicking. Hansen's performance has a swagger to it that can't be denied.

So all told the film is fun, sexy, and when you figure out what's up with the missing girl you are going to love this movie.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Art contest

Just as a heads up to those who may be aspiring artists. Go to www.comicbookmovie.com to enter the Hulk Vs. art contest. First prize is 200 bucks and there are dvd givaways for the runners up.


Melissa Harris spoken word film

For a bit of backround, Melissa Harris and I are great friends. We were inseperable for years when I lived in Charlotte. Considering ourselves to be young intellectuals, there was no world problem we could not solve over a Guinness and shots of Jack Daniels. Having just moved back to the southeast we have gotten back in touch and I am so proud of what she has been up to in my absense. The video below is her spoken word, documentary style, and it is incredibly powerful. You can find Melissa on facebook and for those of you living in Charlotte you may actually be able to catch her spoken word live.