Friday, February 19, 2010

This year of Hell, and happiness...

What the Hell just happened? Wasn't I sitting at a drawing table hundreds of miles away this time last year? How the heck did I get in Wilmington, drawing the final chapters of a graphic novel being published in a few months? Where was my brain when all of this was going on? I can tell you for the past five or six months I have been drawing at a breakneck speed. It has been unlike anything I have tackled in the past. Jesus Christ, before this the longest story I had ever drawn was forty pages long. I've never done a monthly series. Who the hell do I think I am taking on a 150 page graphic novel?

But, then I look at pages 79-80...

This is some of my best work...

This year has also been my best. I've BEEN my best. It has been the peak performance Joseph Campbell talked about. The glimpse into the infinity of parallel mirrors. Jesus, I draw comics. I made money this year DRAWING COMICS! One of the books I worked on in 2009 won a bronze medal Independent Publishers Award. Who the HELL do I think I am doing this kinda crap?

Don't get me wrong...some of it sucks. I don't get out much. I work and I sleep. I cook dinner, drink some wine, then I work. Then, I sleep. get it. But at the end of every day, which is usually very early in the morning, I have the moment of "man, I draw comics." Yeah, I sleep pretty well.

Behind 50% of the guys hanging art in galleries is a comic book geek wishing for the legitimate chance to work in comics. I know, I was one and know many others. We tend to go pretty extreme and throw the artwork way into left field for the chance to shake things up. But, deep down, we all want to draw Superman. When we don't get the chance we tend to take the "fuck you" attitude and go about painting our id and sexuality all over the canvas. It's childish, I know, but it's pretty sweet getting away with it, I must admit.

When Quarantine comes out this year a lot is going to change. It's all going to be a little different. It's cool. I'm ready for it. But I'm really going to miss it. Mike and I are talking about future projects already. And, Bob Heske and I have a book we're pushing this spring too, but, Quarantine, damn it. I miss you already. I don't know what it's going to be like coming home in the afternoon and only having a single page to draw. Or to wake up in the morning and turn on a television instead of slurping coffee at a drawing table.

But, it is getting late...and holy shit, I draw comics.